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News express: recently, the international academic journal \"overall environmental science\" published research, estimated that 2005-2010\" chinese freshwater fish king \"yangtze river white sturgeon has been extinct. Researchers haven't found the sturgeon since 2003. \"The Yangtze River white sturgeon did not enter 2020\" boarded the Weibo hot search.


Beijing News: because the Yangtze River white Sturgeon in the Yangtze River in the top of the food chain, its disappearance of the Yangtze River waters biological chain, water ecological damage will be how serious, it is not yet known. But its possible extinction is no doubt a wake-up call: protecting creatures other than humans is crucial. Don't let the unbridled human life production activities aggravate the survival crisis of living things, otherwise human beings themselves will face extremely harsh living environment.


News Express: recently, Beijing Fengtai District launched the second phase of \"gasp service \", is expected to provide services for 1000 disabled, mentally retarded elderly people. \"Respite services\" are purchased by the government, by the old-age care center, community care service post for the elderly to provide short-term care services, so that the long-term care of the elderly family members \"take a breather \", very popular.


Beijing Evening News: The temperature of the elderly should be reflected not only in the warmth of knowing the pain of the elderly, but also in the humanistic care of the carers of these families. The \"respite service\" gives carers caught in old-age fatigue a short vacation that is worth promoting. Allowing respite services to benefit more families will require more government input and more market presence.


News express: recently, hebei shijiazhuang mr. li went to china unicom business hall to carry the number transfer network, customer service informed because its mobile phone end number is \"66\", was confirmed as a beautiful number, transfer network to pay liquidated damages. Mr. Li wanted to find the contract and confirm whether his mobile phone number was a smart number and whether there was a 20-year deadline, but Unicom failed to come up with the contract.


Southern Daily: The essence of carrying a network is to break the small market of zoning monopolies and turn operators from incremental to service – only by providing better services can they win over consumers. Operators should be aware that any act of duplicity is not about defending their interests, but about lowering consumers'interests in themselves and digging holes for their future development. Only by changing ideas as soon as possible and adapting to the development direction of the policy can we win the future market.


News express: january 1st,\" health food label warning language guide \"official implementation. This means that all health foods must be marked in a prominent part of the package with the warning that \"health food is not a drug and cannot be a substitute for the treatment of diseases \". However, visiting reporters found that in some supermarkets or online stores, unmarked warning signs of health food is still on sale.


Beijing Youth Daily: Good regulations must also be fully implemented in order to play a practical role. For health food must be in accordance with the \"font size, obvious location\" requirements to mark the warning language, in order to avoid its mere form, become empty text, but also through strict market supervision, market inspection to urge enterprises to implement.


News Express: Recently, Xifeng County, Guiyang City issued the \"Xifeng County to further standardize and rectify the implementation of the banquet program \"(hereinafter referred to as\" the program \"), which mentioned that for violators, will affect the county level all kinds of people benefit subsidies and children admission, join the party, participate in the state civil servants and various enterprises and institutions recruitment.


China Youth Daily: Too many banquets consume villagers'energy, increase their economic burden, and encourage extravagance and extravagance. If the local government can be guided by the situation, the party and government cadres to take the lead, to the village (resident) people illegal conduct of alcohol exhortation guidance, of course, help to stop the unhealthy atmosphere. However, no matter how well-intentioned the government may be, its regulations or governance measures must be justified. If the lack of legal basis, not only will let the relevant governance \"discount \", but also will harm the spirit of the rule of law.